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The Parrot Head Pirates of the California Delta proudly serve the Parrotheads of the Northern California Delta and Sacramento area. We are a collection of folks who embrace the music, writings, and kick back tropical lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett as well as his philosophy of leaving things just a little better than we found them... and having a blast while doing it.

Parrot Head clubs worldwide, annually donate millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of man hours to local, national, and international charities, organizations, and philanthropic projects.

Here's your chance to be part of something special and to give back... to the community, the environment and to your fellow man. Come join the Parrot Head Nation and help us party with a purpose!


The term "Parrothead" began in 1985 at a Jimmy Buffett concert at the Timberwolf Amphitheater at King's Island amusement park outside of Cincinnati, OH. Buffett has said numerous times that he attributes much of his fame to this area. This term essentially means that one is a fan. At the show, Jimmy commented about everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats and how they kept coming back to see his shows, just like Deadheads. Timothy B. Schmit, then a member of the Coral Reefer Band (now with the Eagles), coined the term "Parrothead", to describe each of those fans.

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