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parrot 18.gif"What is a Parrot Head?"  

What is a Parrot Head? they ask, when we appear in mass
What makes you wear those crazy clothes, and imitate an ass?
The answer is not simple, but then again, it is.
Tis really just a frame of mind around Jimmy Buffett’s biz.
It’s sitting in a traffic jam, and picturing a beach,
A far off island in the sea, that’s just beyond your reach
A flowered shirt, a crazy hat, a cheeseburger in hand.
A beach chair at an awesome park, with a Trop-rock music band. 
By day we may be doctors and lawyers, and don a 3 piece suit,
By night the margaritas flow, and grass skirts sure look cute.
With sailing songs and steel drum beats, the stress can melt away
And if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it as they say.
piratebird.jpgWe celebrate the pirate life, the hula girls and rum.
A bunch of crazy drinkin’ folk, we have been called by some.
Dancing barefoot, squeezing limes, it is a Tropical circus.
But hold the bashing and keep in mind, we Party with a Purpose.
So welcome to this phlocking, and we hope that you’ll be kind.
Beyond the beaks and feathers, you will certainly no doubt find
The greatest bunch of people that take charity to heart,
That welcome anyone that has the urge to play a part.

Carol Ewald, President
Santa Barbara Parrot Head Club

Who Are These People, Anyway?

Club members come from a variety of backgrounds. Most are professionals, with an average age range between the mid-twenties to the mid-sixties. Although membership numbers vary greatly from club to club, from all accounts, our clubs have an average membership of 100.

The real beauty of the clubs is that they seem to attract exactly the right kind of people - people who, through their attraction to Jimmy Buffett's music also have a number of other interests in common, most importantly the desire to give something back to the community in which they live.

You might be a Parrothead if:

  1. You find yourself addicted to a certain mellow man’s crazy lyrics.
  2. You don’t deny that you like to party hard.
  3. You are notorious for dressing in flamboyant costumes and getting a little wild while a buffet song is playing.
  4. Your theme is one of relaxation and being on a permanent mental vacation, even while working.
  5. When you eat a cheeseburger you unknowingly begin humming the tune to a certain song...
  6. You love the beach.
  7. You Party WITH A PURPOSE!
  8. You have a Caribbean Soul. You love soft tropical tunes, boat drinks, flip flops, and the ocean.
  9. Your dad turned you on to Jimmy Buffett and it’s part of your heritage.
  10. You are aware that Buffett is not a regular at the top of the Billboard charts. His songs do not garner national music awards. The paparazzi do not trail his every move. But the man sells out concert venues faster than Britney Spears can strip down to her underwear!!!!!
  11. You long for a more vivid, colorful life...on a boat someplace.
  12. You know what it means to “Eat the last mango in Paris”.
  13. No matter where you matter what time of’s NEVER too cold for flip flops and an ice cold beer!
  14. You use the saying “If we weren’t all crazy we’d all go insane!”
  15. You long for a pencil thin mustache.
  16. Just hearing the term Margarita makes you grin.
  17. You drink tequila on special occasions instead of Champagne.
  18. Rum, rum, rum!!
  19. Your theme song goes a little something like “if we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane”.
  20. Visions of good times that bring so much pleasure always take you back to something having to do with sand...ocean...and a Corona.
  21. You like to get drunk and....well...never mind...
  22. You’re still looking for your lost shaker of salt...and it WASN’T a woman’s fault you lost it!
  23. In times of trouble you ask yourself “What would Jimmy Buffet do?!”
  24. You like to be surrounded by water when the temperature is hotter than hell.
  25. You wanna be a pirate if you’re ever reincarnated.
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